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Snapchat now lets you send musical GIFs

Snapchat now lets you send musical GIFs


Snapchat has integrated TuneMoji

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TuneMoji GIFs in Snapchat
Image: TuneMoji

Music GIF provider TuneMoji has announced that it’s integrated within Snapchat, as reported by Business Insider. This means that users with the TuneMoji app installed can send clips to their Snap story, or within a chat.

A TuneMoji GIFs adds a layer of music (or spoken audio) that is looped along with the GIF. TuneMoji sort of works like Giphy with a searchable database of GIFs and you can search by words or phrases, or by emoji. Once you select the musical GIF you want, you then choose where you want to share it — and Snapchat now pops up as an option.

The company was able to integrate into Snapchat via the platform’s new developer kit, Snap Kit. Launched in June, Snap Kit allows developers to bring core features of Snapchat to their apps. But there are limitations. While TuneMoji GIFs can be shared on Snapchat, it can’t be done within Snapchat itself. You have to push these GIFs to Snapchat from within the TuneMoji app, which is kind of a bummer. TuneMoji CEO James Fabricant says it is working on closer integrations not just with Snapchat, but all its messaging partners too.

Even with this drawback, the TuneMoji GIFs are fun. So, if you want to Snap your friend a GIF of a wiggling corgi set to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” — now you can.