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Spotify declares Drake’s meme-heavy In My Feelings the song of the summer

Spotify declares Drake’s meme-heavy In My Feelings the song of the summer


Kiki, do you love me? Apparently so

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Drake’s single “In My Feelings” has had a cultural moment this year. The song’s opening line “Kiki, do you love me?” is a catchy tune that sparked an inevitable flurry of memes and inspired its very own viral dance challenge. It’s paid off. According to Spotify, users streamed “In My Feelings” more than 393 million times between June 1st and August 20th, making it the most-streamed song of the summer.

Drake is one of the most meme-able musical artists of the modern era. Whether he’s panicking over being caught on camera pouring Perrier into a cup, Photoshopping himself onto Rihanna’s shoulder, beefing through memes, or enjoying a healthy run as the joke himself, he’s become an internet zeitgeist. Drake knows this as well as anyone, even going so far as to include some of the best dance challenges as part of the “In My Feelings” video.

Now that 2018’s song of the summer is decided, let’s give a warm round of applause to those who made Spotify’s full list. (Which FYI, is full of even more Drake.) Coming up second with 293 million streams is Maroon 5 with “Girls Like You,” feat. Cardi B. Cardi B also holds the third spot with “I Like It.” Let’s jut cut out the middle man and call Cardi B summer’s runner-up, shall we?