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OneDrive will soon automatically transcribe your video and audio files

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Available later this year

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Microsoft is adding automated transcription capabilities to OneDrive for Business for video and audio files. The software maker is using the same AI that’s available in Microsoft Stream (a corporate video-sharing service) to make OneDrive smarter. Later this year, OneDrive for Business will be able to generate a transcript of a video or audio file, which is particularly useful if you’re holding meetings or presenting and want to provide a transcript.

This new transcription service will also mean that files are a lot more searchable in OneDrive. Videos, photos, and audio files will all be searchable for the content that’s within them, making it easy to find when someone mentions a particular phrase in a meeting or finding receipts for expense reports. Microsoft doesn’t reveal exactly when OneDrive will include these features other than “later this year.” Microsoft is focusing on AI for its business-focused Ignite conference later next month, so we might see these and more new AI features appear soon.

OneDrive transcription