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Microsoft unveils new Xbox Elite controller in robot white

Microsoft unveils new Xbox Elite controller in robot white


Available in October

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Microsoft is introducing a new version of its popular Xbox Elite controller today. While many had been hoping for a second-generation controller with three-level Hair Trigger Locks and an adjustable lock design for the thumbsticks, Microsoft is introducing a robot white design of its existing Xbox Elite controller that matches the company’s Xbox One S console and new Xbox One X in white.

The updated controller, previously codenamed Washburn, strangely won’t include Bluetooth support for wireless connections to Windows 10 PCs or a modern USB-C port. It has the same design and features as the original Xbox Elite controller that shipped back in 2015. Those features include four programmable paddles, four alternate joysticks, and an alternate omnidirectional pad. All of these swappable components can also be programmed to set presets for different games using a customization app.


Rumors have suggested Microsoft cancelled its Xbox Elite V2 controller that leaked earlier this year. It appears the follow-up is at least delayed, as new stock of the original started appearing in recent weeks and now this white version all but confirms we won’t see a second-generation any time soon. Hopefully Microsoft has addressed the problems of the grip sections wearing down over time with this white version, and we’ll find out later this year when it’s available to Xbox players.

Microsoft’s new white Xbox Elite controller goes on sale at Microsoft Stores and GameStop (and other retailers worldwide) on October 16th priced at $149.99.

Update, August 29th 9:38AM ET: Article updated to clarify controller does not include Bluetooth support.