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Bang & Olufsen’s newest wireless neckbuds feature a ‘snap-on charger’ for listening and charging

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Image: Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen debuted a new pair of wireless neckbuds at IFA this week. The buds, called the E6, look nothing like the truly wireless E8 earbuds; they more closely resemble the H5 from 2016, as both are neckbuds with braided cords. The E6’s main selling point appears to be their “snap-on charger,” which would allow wearers to listen to music and charge at the same time. It’s an interesting idea, although it doesn’t look super convenient.

While you probably can listen and charge simultaneously, it doesn’t mean you’re free to roam around the room. The snap-on charger slips over the E6’s battery, but it requires a tethered USB-A cable, which will likely keep you tied to a computer. Bang & Olufsen says the battery should last for up to five hours of playtime. Here’s an idea of what the snap-on charger looks like in action.

Image: Bang & Olufsen

It’s weird! Maybe it’d be convenient, but, again, I don’t see myself trying to listen to music when it’s attached. To turn the E6 off, you just stick the two earbuds together through their magnet.

Otherwise, the E6 are pretty similar to the H5. Sound can be customized through the Beoplay app; their remote, while redesigned, lets users control playback; and they include a variety of ear tips and ear fins for a more snug fit. The E6 are on sale now for $299.