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Leaked Samsung video confirms 512GB Galaxy Note 9

Leaked Samsung video confirms 512GB Galaxy Note 9


Samsung manages to spoil whatever’s left of its Note 9 surprise

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 has leaked out yet again, this time in an official intro video from the Korean company, which was spotted by Sammobile. This teaser shows off the yellow stylus that comes with the blue edition of the phone and promises a 512GB version. Given how little appears to have changed about the Note 9 relative to its predecessor, there’s a dearth of other hardware novelties to get excited about, though the promise of having a 1TB phone with the help of a 512GB microSD card is rather a tantalizing one. Samsung’s headline innovations with the Note 9 could still be things we haven’t seen, such as some ingenious application of AI in the way the phone works or significant improvements to the camera. With the launch event set for August 9th, it won’t be long before we know for sure.