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YouTuber Jacksfilms’ popular web series YIAY is heading to Twitch as a game show

YouTuber Jacksfilms’ popular web series YIAY is heading to Twitch as a game show

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In 2015, YouTuber Jack Douglass launched Yesterday I Asked You, a series in which he poses a question to his audience and reads the best answers on his channel. Over the past few years, Douglass has released more than 440 episodes of YIAY on his channel Jacksfilms to his 4.3 million subscribers. Now, he’s expanding the popular series into a live game show on Twitch.

Douglass announced YIAY Live on his channel, adding that he has no interest in ending the show soon, especially with the 500th episode rapidly approaching. But he became “obsessed” with the idea of a live version that could be played with hundreds simultaneously — a free game that would also grant one winner a prize. The first episode streams on Friday, August 31st at 9PM ET. To play, users will need to create a Twitch account.

YIAY Live will run a few times a week, Douglass says, and it operates in five rounds. Douglass will ask a question for participants to answer. He’ll then pick five of his favorites, then everyone will vote for the winner based on his selection. In the fifth and final round, Douglass will ask one final question that only the winners can answer. Whoever wins that round will win the game and a prize.

The Twitch show won’t replace the YouTube series as fans know it, but it will offer a different experience. The rivalry between Twitch and YouTube has begun to heat up. Reports from Bloomberg earlier this month claim that YouTube is paying some creators to promote its Twitch-like features, while Twitch been making a play for some of YouTube’s top talent. As for why Douglass is choosing to launch his live show on Twitch, he says he can’t do it on YouTube. “The technology simply isn’t there.”