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Sprint’s new Unlimited Premium plan comes with an Amazon Prime subscription

Sprint’s new Unlimited Premium plan comes with an Amazon Prime subscription

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Sprint is introducing a new, top-tier unlimited data option that it’s calling Unlimited Premium. The plan costs $90 per month — if you set up autopay — and it includes subscriptions to Hulu (with commercials) and Tidal Premium. Customers also get 50GB of LTE hotspot data, 1080p video streaming, and Sprint’s usual international service perks like global roaming and free talk/text/LTE in Mexico and Canada.

But the most interesting thing about Sprint’s latest “VIP, platinum-style” plan has nothing to do with mobile phone service at all. This plan includes an Amazon Prime membership, which usually runs $119 per year.

Sprint keeps piling on the extra perks in hopes of standing out

By Sprint’s own math, the carrier claims “these services would cost at least $130. So, customers on this plan will get $40 monthly savings, which equals nearly $500 of savings in one year.” The company is also throwing in a free $20 monthly Uber credit for customers who sign up for Unlimited Premium in the near future, and it’s offering a $10 bill discount for people who bring their own device or buy one at full retail cost. (The Uber credit is up to $10 off two rides each month.)

Sprint is quick to note that Amazon has no direct involvement in the Unlimited Premium plan; there’s no official partnership here to speak of. It’s just yet another sweetener that Sprint is tossing on top of its other unlimited plan features in hopes of differentiating itself from its competitors. It’s impossible to keep up with this stuff sometimes, so here’s how Sprint’s various “unlimited” plans compare — at least for now before the company merges with T-Mobile: