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Nikon’s teasing its full-frame mirrorless camera with a series of cool videos

Nikon’s teasing its full-frame mirrorless camera with a series of cool videos


Do the kids still say ‘cool’ anymore?

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The most exciting announcements in the photography world over the past few years have featured one of two things: mirrorless designs that makes the camera smaller and lighter than it would otherwise be, or a full-frame sensor to produce the best possible images. And the most fun cameras have been, of course, the ones that combine the two, like Hasselblad’s X1D or Sony’s A7 III. Nikon has been awake to this trend, which has prompted the venerable Japanese company to jump in the fray with its own full-frame mirrorless camera set to be announced on August 23rd.

The teaser website for this upcoming launch is being steadily populated with a set of well-produced teaser videos. So far, we have the one above, which channels a bit of Interstellar in its soundtrack and grandiosity, and the one below, which promises that Nikon’s new lens mount is a “response to the challenges of the future.” Obviously, with a new mount and new system, Nikon is also promising new Nikkor lenses designed specifically for this full-frame mirrorless camera, however details about those have yet to be revealed.

Stay tuned to Nikon’s website for another four video teasers coming over the next 18 days. Though, if you want to get an idea of the size and shape of the new camera — which are shown in outline in the first video — there are already people out there who’ve put together physical mockups to help you understand, as spotted by Nikon Rumors: