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MoviePass will limit users to just three movies a month starting on August 15th

MoviePass will limit users to just three movies a month starting on August 15th


‘I am altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further’

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Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

MoviePass has announced that users will soon be limited to seeing just three movies a month. It’s a major change from the current policy that allows users to see a movie once a day with their subscriptions, via The Wall Street Journal. It’s the latest change to the unlimited moviegoing service as the company desperately tries to stay afloat in the wake of problems like entirely running out of money at the end of July.

The new plan undoes some of the changes that MoviePass announced last week, including the $14.95 price increase and surge pricing. Instead, users on the new plan will be able to continue paying $9.95 per month, although they’ll be limited to just three movies (something that MoviePass previously offered for $7.95).

Another day, another massive change to how MoviePass works

The new plan goes into effect on August 15th. Monthly subscribers will have the chance to subscribe to the new plan after that date when their current monthly subscription expires, while annual subscribers will be able to keep their existing plan until they’re up for renewal. However, it seems that only subscribers to the new, three-movie-a-month plan will be exempt from MoviePass’ surge pricing and ticket-verification policies.

Also sticking around are the added limitations to seeing newly released movies during the first two weeks of the theatrical run (unless the movie has a promotional deal with MoviePass). That started most prominently two weekends ago with the release of Mission: Impossible — Fallout. Users who are interested in seeing the latest films in theaters right at release will still likely be out of luck with MoviePass going forward.