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PUBG developer admits PUBG is broken with ‘Fix PUBG’ campaign

PUBG developer admits PUBG is broken with ‘Fix PUBG’ campaign

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PUBG Corporation has announced a new initiative called “Fix PUBG” in which the developers will attempt to, well, fix PUBG. The team says it plans to “destroy bugs, deliver long-needed quality-of-life features, and take [PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds] to the next level by shipping fundamental performance improvements,” focusing resources on these aspects of development over the next three months.

“Bugs, performance problems, and quality-of-life issues have been limiting PUBG’s true potential, and you want it fixed,” reads a message on the Fix PUBG website. “So we think it’s time to do something about it.”

A large update for both PC and Xbox versions of the game has dropped today, fixing many issues identified on the Fix PUBG roadmap, which lists 100 bugs and quality-of-life issues with the game. As of now, 37 of these have been fixed. The problems range from the mundane (“Fix the issue where players can hold weapons while moving close to rocks while underwater”) to the surreal (“Fix the issue of seeing headless characters when using healing items in FPP mode in prone position or when boarding a vehicle.”)

Bugs aside, PUBG has always been a poorly-optimized game even on powerful PCs, and leaving Early Access didn’t help matters all that much. The developers acknowledge this, and as part of the Fix PUBG campaign are planning to work on both client and server performance. Data load times and various effects should already be improved, with fixes to frame rate drops, desync, and server tick rates set to come soon.

A huge number of people are still playing PUBG

Fortnite Battle Royale may have stolen much of the mainstream conversation away from PUBG, but the reality is that a huge number of people are still playing the older game. Today, for example, it hit a peak of 1,179,353 concurrent players on Steam, far more than any other game and nearly twice as many as its nearest competitor, Dota 2.

Recent Steam reviews for the game have been “Mostly Negative,” however, in large part due to the long list of issues. With the developers taking the unusually stark step of admitting their game is broken, it’s clear that they want that perception to go away — and you’ll be able to track their progress as the Fix PUBG roadmap gets updated.