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Verizon’s unlimited data customers are getting six free months of Apple Music

Verizon’s unlimited data customers are getting six free months of Apple Music


Verizon says this is the first step of a new ‘exclusive’ partnership with Apple

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Verizon this afternoon announced a new, “exclusive” promotion that it has worked out in partnership with Apple: customers on any of the carrier’s three unlimited data plans — Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, or Above Unlimited — will receive six free months of Apple Music. That’s double the normal free trial period you’d get with Apple’s subscription music service.

But this isn’t just for new listeners; the offer is good regardless of whether you’re a current, lapsed, or new Apple Music user; if you’re already subscribed, you won’t have to worry about paying for it for six months once the deal kicks in. The promotion starts on August 16th, according to Verizon.

If this is the first step, what’s next?

In some sense, this can be seen as a counter to the free perks that Verizon’s rivals are including with their service: AT&T offers WatchTV and your choice of a premium subscription service (Apple Music isn’t among them). T-Mobile gives you Netflix, and Sprint’s top plan bundles both Tidal and Hulu with its unlimited data package. Verizon’s promotion is only for the six months, however, whereas those keep going.

But there might be more in the works between Verizon and Apple. “This first-of-its-kind offer is just the first step in an exclusive partnership with Apple,” Angie Klein, the carrier’s VP of marketing, said in today’s press release. Apple Music now has well over 40 million subscribers as it continues the climb towards potentially overtaking Spotify, which it’s already outperforming when it comes to certain high-profile release.