Will Everyone follow Apple up to $1000 and beyond?


So it looks like Apple will launch an iPhone X, iPhone X+ and a single lower end phone.

Assuming the iPhone X starts at $1000; then the iPhone X+ at $1100; finally the iphone 9(?) at $700-800, Apple will have done it's best to normalise a mobile phone costing a grand plus.

The interesting question, at least I think it's interesting, is will Google, Samsung and the like follow suit and move their flagships into this price range once Apple has done the hard work of getting people to accept it?

On the one hand I think there is too much competition on the Android side, mid range Nokia (by HMD) phones already look tempting, another $300 will only increase their allure.On the other people already compare the pixel phones to the iPhone X while forgetting (possibly deliberately) it's priced around the same as the iPhone 8.

Reticulating poll splines...