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Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro firmware update fixes Surface Pen accuracy issues

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Microsoft is addressing Surface Pen accuracy issues with its latest Surface Pro tablet. Hundreds of Surface Pro owners have been complaining about Surface Pen problems with the device for months, noting that the Surface Pen becomes inaccurate when you rest your hand on the Surface Pro screen. Microsoft has been investigating a fix, and the latest Surface Pro firmware update (available on Windows Update) now addresses problems with palm rejection affecting Surface Pen accuracy.

Affected users have confirmed pen strokes are now fully accurate when resting a hand on the Surface Pro screen. Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro isn’t the only device to experience strange screen-related issues in the Surface lineup. Earlier this year Microsoft launched a warranty replacement program for Surface Pro 4 units affected by screen flickering issues.

Surface Pro owners will be happy to hear Microsoft’s fix doesn’t involve replacing units, and it’s a simple software fix. Microsoft spent a lot of time working on its latest Surface Pen to reduce latency and include a new tilt feature, so it’s surprising the company missed this software bug in the process. At the time Microsoft claimed it was the fastest digital stylus in the world shortly before Apple fired back with an even faster Apple Pencil.