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UE’s Boom app on Android stopped supporting Amazon Alexa in its latest update

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Shifting to focus on the core product

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

UE Boom’s latest app update removes its compatibility with Amazon Alexa. They put out a joint statement to The Verge explaining they’re focusing on their core product.

The new version no longer supports alarms or Amazon Alexa, according to the update notes on Google Play. The company explained that they introduced the update to the app to focus “on enhancing the core functionality of the speakers.” The company noted that Alexa will continue to be available on its Blast and Megablast speakers.

Many users have left one-star reviews complaining the new update slows down the app. Users have noted that the ability to remotely power up UE devices has disappeared as well, although a UE Boom spokesperson says that they haven’t removed the feature, and that it’s the “most popular feature by far.”

Updated September 2nd, 2018, 4:24PM ET: Updated to reflect comments from UE Book regarding its remote power-up feature.