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New Google Pixelbook leaks show smaller bezels, possible detachable keyboard

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The leaks keep coming ahead of Google’s October 9th #madebyGoogle event, as multiple internet ads and a new video point to the possibility that a Pixelbook 2 is in the works. We’ve seen a stream of Pixel 3 leaks, but a second-generation Pixelbook has also been rumored since July, according to this tweet from Evan Blass.

The most tangible piece of evidence can be seen in the video above, which was pulled from the Chromium Bug Tracker by Brandon Lall, as reported by Chrome Unboxed. The short clip shows a device with smaller bezels, round keys, and the hamburger icon key on the top right, which is indicative that they are Pixelbook keyboards.

The video also shows Chrome OS with a rounded “shelf,” or task bar, bringing it closer in line with Android. The feature, which is currently in beta, is part of Google’s effort to unify Chrome OS with the consistent Android aesthetic. There’s a chance that this keyboard could be detachable based on its similarity to the detachable Surface Go keyboards. The link to the bug report has since been blocked, adding further credibility to the rumor.

Another piece of evidence was spotted in this Chromebook ad that was sent in by an anonymous Chrome Unboxed reader that shows much smaller bezels than the original Pixelbook. The reader reported that clicking the ad took him to the Google Store’s Pixelbook page.

Image: Chrome Unboxed

Finally, images of the possible new Pixelbook are shown in Facebook ads, seen with significantly smaller bezels:

Image: Chrome Unboxed

Currently, we know there are two Chromebooks codenamed “Nocturne” and “Atlas,” but it’s unclear which one Google will announce at its upcoming event, or if it will announce both. We’re about a month away from Google’s hardware event, so we’ll keep an eye out for more leaks.