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The next Apple Watch update will be officially released on September 17th

The next Apple Watch update will be officially released on September 17th


Watch OS 5

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Apple announced its new Apple Watch Series 4 today and along with it came the release date for watchOS 5. It’ll be out on September 17th for all Apple Watch users. The OS was previewed at Apple’s WWDC developers conference this summer, which teased new features including more workouts, competitive activities with friends, automatic exercise detection, and personal coaching to help wearers beat their friends at activities.

Users can also listen to podcasts from the Watch and interact with other Watch owners through a new walkie-talkie feature. (It calls over FaceTime Audio, as The Verge reported earlier this year.) There are a bunch of other WatchOS features, including new WebKit support so users can view certain webpages from their watch and the ability to raise a wrist to wake Siri.

Clearly the new OS is optimized for the new Watch, which includes a built-in EKG sensor and a new watch face. The Apple Watch Series 4 screens are over 30 percent larger than earlier devices. The company completely redesigned the watchOS interface to incorporate more information on those larger displays. The Series 4 also features haptic feedback and a louder speaker. If the Watch detects a fall, it’ll immediately call emergency services if the wearer doesn’t dismiss the call within five seconds.