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Shane Dawson’s new series won’t just be about Jake Paul

Shane Dawson’s new series won’t just be about Jake Paul


‘The subject is much much darker’

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Creator Shane Dawson is continuing his investigative dive into the lives of fellow YouTubers with a new video series about Jake Paul. Dubbed “The Mind of Jake Paul,” the eight-part look at one of YouTube’s most notorious creators begins on September 25th.

Dawson is a longtime creator with more than 17 million subscribers on YouTube. In the last few months, he has released one series offering a behind-the-scenes look at the disastrous TanaCon and another about the life of beauty vlogger Jeffree Star. “The Mind of Jake Paul” appears to be Dawson’s most ambitious project yet, both in terms of its scope and subject matter. At the end of the video’s teaser, Dawson responds to an off-camera question that he’s concerned “[Jake Paul]’s going to be mad when he finds out what this series is actually about.”

“something you probably have dealt with with some of your ex friends”

Paul has made headlines for his outlandish stunts and last month’s heavily hyped boxing match, but the rabbit hole of his questionable behavior and business practices goes deep. Fellow creator Alissa Violet has alleged that Paul abused her while they were dating, including spitting in her face and dragging her down stairs. Former collaborators and creators Ivan and Emilio Martinez also called Paul out for abusive behavior and bullying. In a recent investigative video, YouTuber Nerd City questioned the legality of how Paul sells merch to children.

Since releasing the series’s teaser, Dawson has hinted that he plans to delve into more than just his subject’s past. Paul isn’t just a single YouTuber selling merch or diss tracks; he’s at the center of a YouTube media empire. In a comment on Perez Hilton’s YouTube channel, Dawson wrote that “the subject isnt just jake paul. the subject is much much darker. and something you probably have dealt with with some of your ex friends.”