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Pokémon Go is letting players nominate new pokéstop locations

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It’s a limited beta, but it could be great for users in rural areas

Pokemon Go Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

More than two years after its initial launch, Pokémon Go can still be a frustrating game to play outside of major urban centers since pokéstops are often a rare sight in small towns. But developer Niantic may have found a solution: it’s letting users nominate their own pokéstop locations.

Today, the developer is launching a beta for the program, and it’s pretty limited to start. It’ll only be available to users in South Korea and Brazil, and it’ll be restricted to players who have reached level 40 in the game. Niantic says that the beta “may expand to more trainers or locations over time.”

Those who can participate will be able to nominate potential pokéstops by submitting a photo and description of a location, which will then be reviewed for potential inclusion in the game. On its help page, Niantic details the kinds of locations the developer is looking for, including major transit hubs, public places of worship, parks, libraries, and “an interesting piece of art or unique architecture.”

The news caps off a surprisingly busy summer for the game, which included the long-awaited addition of trading and friends lists, along with a revamped Pokémon Go festival circuit. According to Niantic, this led to “a 35 percent increase in active usage since May.” Meanwhile, the game is finally starting to get some competition with the release of a new wave of AR-enabled, location-based games.