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Nintendo reveals Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Switch is coming in 2019

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A proper console sequel to the Luigi-focused ghost-hunting adventure

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo took the wraps off a new title for its Switch console today: Luigi’s Mansion 3. The third installment in the series about Mario’s not-so-heroic brother vacuuming up poltergeists in a quest to find his brother is coming sometime next year. Nintendo showed off a very short series of gameplay snippets in the opening moment’s of today’s Nintendo Direct announcement.

The original Luigi’s Mansion, which came out in 2001 for the GameCube, wasn’t a super groundbreaking title, but it was the very first game in the Mario universe to star a playable Luigi since the enigmatic MS-DOS education title Mario is Missing from way back in 1993.

Nintendo developed a proper Luigi’s Mansion sequel more than a decade later, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, for the Nintendo 3DS, a remake of which is coming out in North America and Europe next month. Now, it looks like Nintendo is ready to release a proper Luigi-focused console game. We’ll likely learn more about the game, and see more of it in action, starting next year.