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Nintendo is launching a dedicated wireless NES controller for the Switch

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To go with classic games coming to its online subscription service

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo announced a new, wireless NES controller for its Switch console, so players can enjoy classic titles coming to its online subscription service with the gamepad they were designed for. The company is launching its PSN and Xbox Live-like online service on September 18th, and with it will come 20 classic Nintendo titles that you’ll get for free, with more arriving on a rolling basis.

This new controller, which is sold as part of a pair of two, is designed specifically it seems to help you play those classics in the most nostalgia-fueled setting. The bundle will cost $59.99 and starts shipping in mid-December of this year.

Image: Nintendo

Unfortunately, it looks like there is one catch. On the webpage for the new controller, Nintendo has posted this message: “Limit one purchase per Nintendo Account with paid Nintendo Switch Online individual or family membership. Offer not available for trial membership.”

That seems to suggest you’ll only be able to buy one set of these devices, and that the purchase is restricted to those who purchase the company’s upcoming online service subscription. When reached for comment, a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed that only one set can be bought per Nintendo Account holder, and that the controllers are only sold as a bundle of two once Nintendo Switch Online goes live on September 18th. Free trial users are not eligible, Nintendo says.

Update 9/13, 7:49PM ET: Clarified that Nintendo is only selling the controller in a bundle of two, and that it is only available for purchase once Nintendo Switch Online goes live on September 18th, with each Nintendo Account holder allowed one bundle purchase.