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Isabelle joins Smash Bros. Ultimate, with Animal Crossing coming to Switch in 2019

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You forgot about your villagers, didn’t you?

You can stop feeling guilty about abandoning your 3DS Animal Crossing town: Isabelle the Shih Tzu is coming to kick your ass. Today’s Nintendo Direct revealed the addition of everyone’s favorite mayoral assistant to the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

As you can imagine, Isabelle’s repertoire of moves are cutesy — the pup uses things like fishing lines and pom pomps to fight her enemies. I’m sure it’ll be infuriating to lose against her, just like it is annoying to fight against the adorable villager.

Nintendo also finally announced a new mainline Animal Crossing for the Switch, but beyond a 2019 projected release date, zero details are currently known. Well, aside from the fact Tom Nook will still be in it, but that should be a given at this point.