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All hail bongo cat

All hail bongo cat


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Welcome to Fav’d For Later, a Friday roundup of our favorite memes, trends, and all-around good internet content. This week, we highlight musical memes, dabbing dads, and authenticity on YouTube.

There’s nothing I love more than the return of a good meme.

Twitter user StrayRogue gifted us a GIF of a cartoon cat smacking its meaty little paws, but it was DitzyFlama who remixed the image into the original Bongo Cat with a pair of drums and a tune from Super Mario World. That was back in May, but it wasn’t until this past week that Bongo Cat really blew up.

I could waste your entire day just sharing Bongo Cat memes, but luckily, there’s a Twitter moment to browse at your leisure. Bongo Cat has transcended bongos.

And speaking of musically themed memes, we also need to talk about our latest dance idol. It is a lizard, and it slaps. There’s an entire Twitter account dedicated to these, but let me just say, this is the best one.


Casually Explained tackles one of the most important internet topics of our time: the memes.

Will Herring released this good browser game about a dabbing dad through Adult Swim. It has a catchy beat, and you can easily play it without your boss noticing. But more importantly, it challenges you to impress teenagers. If you can’t win over fictional kids, what hope do you have with your own?

Lindsay Ellis released a fascinating examination of YouTube culture and how creators profit off of the idea of authenticity, perceived or real. In addition to Ellis’ own thoughtful dissection of creator culture, the video also includes a guest appearance from VidCon co-creator Hank Green.

Kanye West and Lil Pump released their bizarre, Minecraft-esque video “I Love It” last week. Naturally, the parodies and challenge videos were quick to follow. Look, I’m not saying they’re all good, but what is purer than a group of young men doing dance routines in cardboard boxes?

And finally, a casual reminder of what you look like when you pick fights online. With great power comes great responsibility... to not be a doofus.

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