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New trailers: She-Ra, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and more

New trailers: She-Ra, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and more

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Photo: Diyah Pera / Netflix

The Deuce started up again last week, which means I’m subscribed to HBO again. But mostly, it means I’m back to being continually puzzled about how this show works. I enjoy watching it in a lot of ways, but a season and one episode in, I still have no sense of where it’s going, what it’s building toward, or even the stories that matter most to it.

What’s really fascinating about the season two premiere is how little has changed. The episode jumps ahead five years, but it may as well be a full-on recap of season one. Everyone is doing the exact same things as they used to, in the exact emotional or romantic state they left off in, just with a slightly better job than they had before.

On one hand, it’s a really interesting way to bring people back into the show — I didn’t remember where things left off all that well, but now I’m entirely back up to speed. But on the other, it gives me even less hope that the show will bring its characters barreling toward any kind of meaningful conflict. There are a ton of interesting characters in play, and I’m still waiting to see where they’re going.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The team behind Riverdale is rebooting Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and wow is it immensely darker than the series you remember. The new show stars Kiernan Shipka, who played Sally Draper in Mad Men, and yeah it’s just jumping straight into satanic imagery and immense creepiness... but also stylishness? The first season comes out October 26th.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Netflix and DreamWorks are bringing back She-Ra, and they gave a first brief glimpse at the series this week. The artwork looks absolutely gorgeous, and the show’s description makes a point of calling out its interest in showing both strong and flawed female characters “in a world where women are unabashedly at the forefront.” It debuts November 16th.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The Coen brothers’ latest project is headed to Netflix. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs was originally conceived as a six-episode anthology TV series, but somewhere in the last year it seems that it was whittled down to a single film that just happens to tell six different stories. Either way, it seems like there’ll be plenty to like for fans of the Coen brothers’ sense of humor. It comes out November 16th.

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

Marvel has a new animated film coming up that features a bunch of its teenage heroes, with Ms. Marvel and Squirrel Girl at the center of it all. The film has a very ‘80s cartoon look to it, which makes me wonder how much it’ll appeal to younger audiences, but at least it’s another showcase of some fan favorite female heroes. The film will be on the Disney Channel and Disney XD starting September 30th.


Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail is behind this new thriller that has Julia Roberts playing a woman who seems to have had some strange experiences while working at an experimental government facility. The show is based off of a podcast of the same name, which Esmail apparently loved enough to think it was worth adapting — and directing all the episodes himself. It comes to Amazon on November 2nd.


I don’t write about a lot of kids series here, but the artwork in this one is just too wonderful to ignore. It’s based off the Hilda series of graphic novels that Luke Pearson has been writing and illustrating over the past eight years, and it’s filled with what seems like a constant supply of incredible creatures and dreamy versions of familiar locales. It comes out September 21st on Netflix. 

The Romanoffs

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is back with an anthology series for Amazon that has a ton of famous people (and some Mad Men veterans) playing a bunch of rich people who are supposedly all related. It’s hard to get a great sense of what the show will be like from this trailer, but it seems like the reason to watch it is because there are lots of famous people and places, and you liked Mad Men. Which, fair enough. It comes out October 12th.

The Beach Bum

The writer and director of Spring Breakers is back with a new movie that seems to be much in the same vein. The Beach Bum has Matthew McConaughey playing a perpetually high dude who hangs out with a colorful cast of characters in tropical locales while making a complete mess of things. Snoop Dog costars... as does Jimmy Buffett, somehow. It comes out March 22nd.

Captive State

Okay, here’s the thing: this trailer is awful. It’s just a ton of overused sci-fi cliches. But then, a minute and a half in, it gets amazing. For like two seconds. And then it ends. Just watch until the big reveal. I love it.