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You’ll never have an ID photo cooler than these high schoolers

You’ll never have an ID photo cooler than these high schoolers


A senior class that went all out

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Photo: Nyah Smith

Every year, the senior students of North Farmington High School dress up in elaborate costumes for their photo IDs, which they then post online. The identification cards are social media catnip: memes and references to pop culture abound, with some teens going to elaborate lengths to nail the look and expression of the character in question.

This isn’t a one-off stunt; it’s an ongoing tradition for the Detroit high schoolers who reportedly sometimes spend weeks, if not months, preparing for the big day. Many students become aware of the stunt as soon as freshman year, meaning that some teens have years to think about what they’ll do when their turn comes around. Every time, the school tries to get as much of the senior class involved in the proceedings, and some students say they practice expressions for photo day in advance.

The IDs then get shared on Twitter under a hashtag representing the year, along with a funny quote that often tells people what the reference is. Many of these images end up going viral. Below, you’ll find some of my favorite IDs, but the #NFID19 hashtag has dozens more.