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Why isnt microsoft making a watch?


I understand that Microsoft had its share of problems when it came to building a phone. The UI, the software, the carrier problems, the updates, OEMs and many more. But why cant they build a watch? Let me explain.

A watch means a mobile device. Microsoft has absolutely no presence in mobile devices nut to stay relavent going forward into future they have to have some presence atleast in mobile space. These days they are concentrating on building apps for Android devices, which is a good move, but doesnt give them any kind of exclusivity they want. The Microsoft Band was a great IOT hub aggregator connecting to many IOT devices and working with Azure on Cloud. Without having a watch Range all that good work is into drain.

We are just few years away, when there will be real foldable mobile devices which further will reduce the adaptation for a laptop/tablets. The only space left right now to exploit is build a super sexy watch range tied to an android device over bluetooth without any carrier or update problems.

What do you think?