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Alexa will soon answer you in photos provided by Getty Images

Alexa will soon answer you in photos provided by Getty Images

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Soon, if you ask Alexa for the capital of Canada, it will show you a Getty Images stock photo of Ottawa. Getty Images and Amazon are partnering to bring stock images up as Alexa responses on Echo devices with screens.

Sports, news, entertainment, creative photos, and archived pictures are supposed to make Alexa’s responses more visually descriptive. So instead of hearing words, you’ll be able to get answers in the form of photos, much like a web Google result.

Devices like Echo Show and Echo Spot will be able to show stock images inside the Prime Photos feature using Getty’s 200 million images. The partnership comes as Google is rumored to be making an Echo Show rival with a smart display device reportedly launching later this year.

Getty hasn’t specified when the new voice search will go live. Amazon said in a statement to The Verge: “Getty is servicing images for a limited number of Alexa Q&A now, but we’re quickly expanding to even more Q&A over the coming weeks, including news, pop culture, and entertainment questions. Examples include “Do dogs dream?“ “What is the definition of abstract?” and “When is Hurricane Florence making landfall?””

Update September 17th, 4:00PM ET: This article has been updated with a statement from Amazon.