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The lawsuit against Poppy and her creator has been dismissed

The lawsuit against Poppy and her creator has been dismissed


The defendants are expected to settle with musician Mars Argo

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A judge has dismissed the lawsuit between YouTuber Mars Argo, real name Brittany Sheets, and Poppy creator Corey Mixter. According to court documents obtained by The Verge, parties will settle outside of court.

The case was complicated: it touched on topics of copyright infringement of an internet persona as well as serious abuse charges. In the original lawsuit filed in April, Sheets alleged to have endured “severe emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation from Mr. Mixter,” also known online as Titanic Sinclair. The lawsuit also pointed to Poppy actress Moriah Pereira as “a knowing accomplice to Mr. Mixter’s unlawful actions.” It claims that Poppy was created as a Mars Argo “knockoff,” one that “copied Mars Argo’s identity, likeness, expression of ideas, sound, style.”

In May, Pereira denied the allegations as false. “Ms. Sheets’ claims of stalking, harassment, and abuse directed at Mr. Mixter are preposterous projections of her own actions,” Pereira wrote on Twitter. “My creative partner is blameless, and I am confident this case will be dismissed.”

Sheets and her lawyers declined to comment on the details of the case’s resolution.