Need advice in smartphone buying strategy


My company just issued a BYOD policy that allows the refund of €500 (yeah, great) of a phone every three (3) years, the idea is to buy a dualsim and have private and company SIM. I now have an S8 and a crappy company phone next to it.

Option one: buy something like a S9+ at a already reduced price, so save a bit of cash and start enjoying right now but get frustrated quickly when a S10 comes out with 5G and something 'spectacular'.

Option two: sit it out a half year longer till the S10 get out, spend more cash in the end and hope that it has something spectacular and already 5G and be happy to have the leatest and greatest for at least a year.

What to do? Is it worth taking the gamble on 5G? Will we be wowed in 6 months?

(It's not Samsung specific, replace S8/9/10 with any brand's comparable models)

Thanks for the advice.