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Google updates its Play Books iOS app at the same time as Apple’s iBooks update in iOS 12

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Timing is everything

Google has released an update for the Play Books app on iOS, bringing an updated design that’s “brighter, cleaner, and easier to use,” via AllThingsD.

It’s not a major update, feature-wise, but the new design should make navigating, reading, and listening to your books more enjoyable. It’s certainly nice for anyone who buys their ebooks and audiobooks from Google’s online store. But it’s the timing that seems more significant: the update came out just hours after Apple launched iOS 12, which also offers an updated design for its own Apple iBooks app.

Was Google trying to steal Apple’s update thunder? Probably not since it’s, well, an update to an ebook app. But if you’re looking for a conspiracy, you could probably find one, I guess.

Still, whether you use Apple iBooks or Google Play Books on iOS, it’s a good time to make sure your phone is updated. Or you know, just use a Kindle.