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HQ Trivia looks to expand with HQ Words, a new Wheel of Fortune-style game

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Coming in October

HQ Trivia saw huge viral success by successfully turning Jeopardy! into a live smartphone game show. Now, nearly a year later, HQ is hoping it can make lightning strike twice with a new show format: HQ Words, which looks to iterate on popular game show Wheel of Fortune, via Digiday.

Like Wheel of Fortune, HQ Words will present players with a blank grid of letters and a clue with a selection of letters that players can guess. Guess a letter in the puzzle correctly, and you’ll get points for each time it appears in the answer; guess wrong, and you’ll get a strike. (Three strikes, and you’re out.) At the end, the player with the most points will win (or split) the jackpot.

According to the Digiday report, HQ has actually made money from the game show, bringing in over $10 million in revenue since introducing the sponsored spots in March, despite giving away thousands of dollars in prize money to players. The company is likely hoping that the additional option of a new game will help draw in both new and old users to keep those sponsorship deals flowing.

HQ Words is set to launch sometime in October. There’s no word yet on if vowels will cost extra.