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Tesla’s long-awaited dash cam functionality will arrive in the next software update

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Tesla Model S press image Image: Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed via Twitter that the automaker’s long-awaited dash cam functionality is currently in final testing, reports Electrek. It should be available in version 9 of the software update, which is due out later this month.

The update will essentially provide every Tesla owner with a free dash cam, allowing them to gather video footage after a collision or just for fun. All Tesla vehicles are equipped with eight cameras that work to enable the vehicles’ Autopilot functionality. Prior to this update, the direct video feeds from the cameras have been hidden from users and are reserved for Tesla’s internal use in the event of crashes.

Musk first announced that the feature was “coming soon” in August last year, but news of the feature has been quiet ever since. In a response to a tweet, Musk responded that the functionality is in final testing and should be available in a beta state as part of version 9, with further improvements set to arrive in version 9.1.

Given that version 9 was supposed to be released in August, Tesla’s already missed its deadline, and the company has not provided an exact release date since.

We have yet to see exactly how the Autopilot functionality will work with footage from eight cameras. Users speculate that perhaps multiple videos will be recorded simultaneously or users will be able to switch between camera feeds, but it is unclear how much access owners will have to individual footage.