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Fortnite’s mysterious purple cube has created a strange, bouncy lake

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Are we closer to some answers?


We finally know what happens when a mysterious purple cube comes in contact with water. Fortnite’s cube, which has been traveling across the game’s island since late August, just dropped into the scenic Loot Lake, and it’s completely transformed the location. The cube is nowhere to be seen; instead, the lake is a huge bouncy pad, rendered in the same bright shade of purple as the cube. You can see it immediately when you drop onto the island.


This isn’t the first impact the cube has had on the island. Since it started moving, the cube has created a number of anti-gravity fields, left a series of cryptic runes burned into the ground, and even destroyed a building. At one point, the cube even outsmarted its creators, creating a unruly anti-gravity field in the middle of Epic Games’ Summer Skirmish final and forcing the developer to disable its effects and tack on an extra match to the tournament. But this is definitely the biggest change to come from Fortnite’s mystery box.

We should have more answers soon. Season 6 of Fortnite kicks off next week, at which point many expect the true origins of the cube to be revealed. As of now it’s not clear whether the cube has completely melted, or if it’s hidden beneath the lake’s surface right now and will eventually reemerge at some point.

In the meantime, Fortnite players can enjoy the weird trampoline.