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Nautilus lets you watch their ocean expeditions live

Nautilus lets you watch their ocean expeditions live


Head to an underground Hawaiian volcano

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Ocean waves (FLICKR - jeffrowley)

There’s bear cam and bee cam, but do they take you to the bottom of the sea? No, they do not. But Nautilus does.

The Nautilus is a research vehicle operated by the Ocean Exploration Trust, a nonprofit founded by Robert Ballard, one of the people who helped us find the Titanic. It conducts scientific research and offers live video and audio streams to those of us who are unable to come along. This year, it’ll journey along the western part of North America, from British Columbia to the Hawaiian islands. Right now, it’s exploring the Lōihi Seamount, an active underwater volcano near Hawaii. Next, it’ll head to the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, one of the largest conservation areas protected by the US.

There are three streams, and while it’s sometimes snoozy because the boats are on deck, other times, you’ll see what the explorers see in the depths of the ocean.