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Microsoft is ending its Surface Plus financing program

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Existing users will be able to finish out their plans

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Just a year after it was launched, Microsoft’s Surface Pro financing program has come to an end. Microsoft says (via OnMsft) that it stopped accepting new users on Friday, but says that existing users will be able to finish out their plans or or upgrade their devices.

Microsoft introduced the program a year ago, which allowed customers to spread the cost of a new Surface Pro over two years with a payment plan called Klarna Financing. It would also allow them to upgrade to a new device after 18 months, provided that the customers returned their devices in good condition.

In its FAQ, Microsoft says that it’s phasing out the program after “much thought and consideration.” It says that the existing Klarna plans will be honored, and those customers who are “in good standing with 18 monthly payments” will still be able to upgrade their device. According to Engadget, Microsoft will also shut down its Surface Plus Portal on September 30th, and costumers with questions regarding the Klarna program will have to contact the company directly.