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Bing’s support for Google AMP just took a big step forward

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Is that Safari on a Windows Phone?

Compatible news stories will show the AMP logo next to the publication name.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is now supporting Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) directly from Bing’s mobile search results. Although Microsoft has supported AMP since 2016, previously it was limited to the dedicated Bing app. Compatible AMP web pages will display a small lightning bolt next to the website name in the news carousel of the Bing search results.

Now users of both Bing and Google search will benefit from AMPs fast load times when using their mobile browser of choice. Microsoft’s blog shows off the functionality in a Safari browser (adorably Photoshopped onto a Windows Phone), but other AMP-supporting browsers include Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

The move follows the news last week that the AMP Project is adopting a new governance model, which would move the important decision making out of Google’s direct control, and under a new committee comprised of the different companies supporting AMP. Although the change is a step in the right direction, critics are (rightly) concerned that AMP could allow Google to exert an undue influence over the web.