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Hulu launches a new website specifically designed for watching shows on your computer

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A new design meant for a mouse

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Hulu is rolling out an updated web interface today for its users that’s based on the updated UI it introduced last year for its live TV service subscribers.

According to the company’s blog post announcing the new design, the interface has been built specifically for the “wide range of motion you have with your mouse and how quickly you’re able to point and click.” There’s also more content and options available at any given time, thanks to the larger amount of usable screen real estate for a mouse-based device as opposed to a tablet or smart TV.

There are also a few web app-only features for the website version of Hulu, including the option to watch multiple sports games in multiple windows (assuming you have a live TV subscription with support for multiple streams), the option to send videos to your Chromecast device straight from your computer, and a picture-in-picture mode.