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Netflix’s Daredevil will return in October

Netflix’s Daredevil will return in October


‘I will find a way to come back even stronger’

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After a two-year wait, Netflix’s Daredevil is finally coming back. The streaming service released a short teaser that reveals that season 3 will premiere on October 19th.

We last saw Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in Netflix’s crossover series The Defenders, in which he teamed up with the other Netflix Marvel heroes — Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist — in a battle to protect New York City from the Hand, a supernatural criminal group. At the end of that series, Murdock appears to have been killed when a building explodes around him, although we learn soon after that he survived the blast.

Netflix’s Marvel franchise has since moved on without Daredevil: it released sophomore seasons for Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage in the last two years as well as Daredevil spinoff The Punisher.

Daredevil has clearly spent some time recovering from his injuries. In this latest teaser, we see a bloodied Murdock, who says that while there are many ways to combat evil, it has the tendency to come back stronger. So to end it for good, you have to “let the devil out.” Season 3 was announced back in 2016, and Cox noted last year that it would draw from the classic Daredevil comic Born Again, and we’ll see the return of Vincent D’Onofrio’s villain the Kingpin.