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Amazon is making it easier to set up new Internet of Things gadgets

Amazon is making it easier to set up new Internet of Things gadgets

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Amazon is introducing a new way to make setting up any smart device as easy as plugging it in. Called Wi-Fi Simple Setup, the system will use Amazon’s Wi-Fi Locker to store your Wi-Fi credentials and share them with compatible smart home devices.

Amazon is debuting this tech with TP-Link and Eero, with the idea that customers can reuse network credentials in order to set up new devices. This means devices will connect on their own instead of you having to manually set up each smart product. According to Amazon, it’s as easy as plugging in a Wi-Fi Simple Setup-enabled device. The device will automatically look for the Wi-Fi Simple Setup Network and connect once it receives encrypted credentials. Amazon says the process should take no longer than 30 seconds.

Along with Wi-Fi Simple Setup, Amazon has also announced a plug-and-play smart home kit called Alexa Connect Kit. It starts with a module that has Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi and a real-time OS that companies can put in their products in order to make them smart, like Amazon’s newly announced microwave. Amazon’s Wi-Fi Simple Setup is a part of Amazon’s long-term plan called Frustration Free Setup, which is designed to make all types of electronic devices easier to immediately use.