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Alexa Hunches can now suggest actions based on daily behavior

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Dan Seifert/ The Verge

Amazon is now launching Alexa Hunches, where the voice assistant will predict your future needs. It uses deep neural networks to understand behavior and Alexa Hunches is first going to focus on the smart home.

How it works is that Alexa will feel like it’s getting a “hunch” and if it’s confident enough, it will say something like, “Hey, I think you left the porch light on, would you like me to turn it off?” Alexa could also remind you to lock the front door if you haven’t already when you say “Goodnight.”

The AI replicates human hunches to produce these likely guesses with Alexa. Amazon says in a press release that “We’re just getting started. Like all things, this feature will get better and smarter over time.” The new feature is rolling out later this year.