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Michael B. Jordan will star in a new Tom Clancy film series

Michael B. Jordan will star in a new Tom Clancy film series


Without Remorse and Rainbow Six are already in development

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Image: Marvel Studios

The Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan has found a new home on television recently thanks to Amazon Prime and John Krasinski. But according to Variety, Paramount Pictures will be focusing on a different character for a new film series — and Black Panther’s Michael B. Jordan is set to star.

Paramount is developing adaptations of the Clancy books Without Remorse and Rainbow Six, both of which focus on the character of John Clark. A former Navy Seal turned CIA operative, Clark was originally introduced in the 1987 novel The Cardinal of the Kremlin. In 1993, Clancy’s Without Remorse delved into the character’s backstory, while Rainbow Six followed his adventures forming a counter-terrorist group known as “Rainbow.” While numerous Clancy novels like The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games have made their way to movie theaters before, this would be the first film adaptation for both Clark novels — although Rainbow Six has served as the inspiration for Ubisoft’s long-running game series of the same name.

Paramount is said to be meeting with writers for the Without Remorse adaptation, but shepherding the projects is writer-producer Akiva Goldsman. Goldsman has a prolific, if inconsistent, career. He’s the writer of movies like A Beautiful Mind — and Batman & Robin. He wrote Cinderella Man — as well as the 1998 Lost in Space reboot. Recently, he wrote the script for The Dark Tower, served as a key figure in Paramount’s Transformers franchise, and also co-created the upcoming DC Universe show Titans.

The real story here, however, is Michael B. Jordan. The actor has become a box-office force in his own right, powering franchises like Creed, and serving a key role as the villain in Marvel’s Black Panther. (It’s worth noting that his Black Panther character Erik Killmonger was a former black-ops soldier.) Heading up a two-film franchise, particularly one adapted from the popular Tom Clancy universe, will only cement his position as one of the most interesting blockbuster actors working today.