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Amazon’s new Alexa-ready products are now available for preorder

Amazon’s new Alexa-ready products are now available for preorder


Though you may want to wait

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The new Amazon Echo Show
The new Amazon Echo Show

At its 2018 hardware event in Seattle, Amazon announced several new Alexa-powered A/V devices, smart home products, and a few others that fall outside of the company’s usual wheelhouse. It was a mix of brand-new and updated products, and the biggest announcements include the redesigned Echo Dot and Echo Plus, the Echo Sub subwoofer, Amazon’s Echo Auto, and the Fire TV Recast cloud DVR box.

Many of the products announced today are up for preorder, most of which will be available in October. There’s plenty to dive into regarding the huge list of product debuts, and we’ve got you covered if you’re looking to place a preorder (or 10).

  • Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) will launch on October 11th and costs $49.99
  • Amazon Echo Sub, a subwoofer that allows for multiroom audio, will release on October 11th and cost $129.99
  • Amazon Echo Plus has been redesigned and includes a free Philips Hue smart light bulb as a preorder bonus. It will release on October 11th for $149.99
  • Amazon Fire TV Recast, a DVR box that can store TV shows and movies for viewing at home or on the go, will release on November 14th and start at $229
  • Amazon Echo Show (second generation) comes bundled with a free Philips Hue smart bulb and will release on October 11th for $229.99
  • Ring Stick Up camera is set to release on October 18th for $179.99
  • Amazon Smart Plug adds voice control to anything plugged in, and it will cost $24.99 when it’s released on October 11th
  • Amazon Echo Auto will cost $49 when it releases later this year, but you can request an invite to test it for $24.99
  • AmazonBasics microwave with Alexa voice functionality will cost $59.99 when it releases on November 14th

Products not yet available for preorder

  • Amazon Echo Wall Clock currently isn’t up for preorder, but you can sign up for notifications
  • Amazon Echo Input, a device that brings voice functionality to your current speakers, will launch for $34.99, but it’s not available for preorder just yet
  • Amazon Echo Link Amp claims to power speakers and bring modern features, like music streaming and voice, to speakers you already own. It isn’t available for preorder just yet, but will release for $299.99

Unless you have a broken device that you’re looking to replace immediately, it might not be a good idea to buy one of these new items right this moment. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up in just a few months, and you’ll likely see a lot of these items go on sale. For items like the Echo Auto, you should hop on the invite list now if you’re interested as it will likely be rolled out intermittently like the fashion camera Echo Look.

Updated 2:10PM ET, September 21st: Updated to clarify that not all products are currently available for preorder.