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Apple-owned sleep tracker Beddit is eliminating cloud service support

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Beddit sleep tracker Image: Beddit

Beddit, the sleep tracking product acquired by Apple last year, will no longer support cloud service, as spotted by 9to5Mac. The news was announced in an App Store update for Beddit, which says that new users will no longer be able to use Beddit Cloud, and existing users have access until November 15th.

The company’s Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor is a sensor-equipped strip that slides under your bedsheets to track movements through the night. The acquisition seems at odds with Apple’s efforts in body-tracking, which now includes an EKG feature with the Apple Watch Series 4. Then again, even with the Watch Series 4’s updates and refinements, it still doesn’t offer any native sleep-tracking capabilities. Bloomberg reported in 2016 that Apple had plans to add sleep-tracking to the Apple Watch, but the feature is still not available as of the company’s latest watchOS 5 release this week.

Apple continues to sell the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor strip, but reviews on the product’s functionality are mixed on the App Store, with users claiming the app is buggy and sensors erratic.