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Cheap Tablets in 2018


Hi all,

Looking for some advice.

My iPad Air recently broke about a month back. *pause for commiserations*

I haven't entirely missed having it around - turns out almost everything I used it for I can do just as well on my laptop (Surface Laptop - just switched from an also-deceased MacBook Air).

There are a couple of things I miss though: an eReader that's easy to annotate on (a.k.a. not a normal Kindle), something that's nice for watching Netflix on, and generally a computer that isn't going to get damaged easily or that you need to be really protective of (a.k.a. that isn't made of fabric like the Surface Laptop...), something to listen to podcasts or music on while cooking (does Alcantara absorb smell?). So this is what I'm looking for.

Because this isn't exactly high-end computing, I feel a little apprehensive dropping a lot of money on a new iPad. There's the Kindle Fire line -- but I'd really not prefer a device with adverts, thanks.

I know that a secondhand iPad mini might be a decent way forward, but these have also held their value pretty well. I'm thinking maybe even an old Nexus 7 (2013) or even the little-remembered Nexus 9.

Are these awful in 2018? Does anyone else have any suggestions?

Thank you all,