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Google Pixel 3 wallpapers leaked, and you can download them in full resolution now

Just about everything you might want to know about what Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 looks like has been leaked, and we still have two weeks to go until the official unveiling event. Today brings a little something on the software side: an updated Google Wallpapers app for the Pixel 3. The animated “live” wallpapers dynamically change as you tilt your device, play music, or unlock the phone. Some also passively shift as the day progresses to match the time.

The leaks come from MySmartPrice, and you can download the wallpapers through this Google Drive link. There’s even an APK to download the new Wallpapers app, but it seems like the download limit has been reached. Even if you’re able to get it, you’ll need a Pixel 2 phone running Android Pie. Those outside of this limitation can just browse through the 28 wallpapers and use them as static backgrounds. Now we can all pretend we have the new Pixel 3 on hand until the actual event on October 9th.