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Cody Wilson has resigned as CEO of Defense Distributed

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The Liberator 3d-printed gun defense distributed

Cody Wilson has resigned as CEO of Defense Distributed in the wake of recent sexual assault charges, the company announced in a press conference today in Austin. Paloma Heindorff will serve as the new CEO of the firearm company going forward, having previously served as director of development.

“It was his own decision and we support him in it,” Heindorff said. “Going forward, he has no role in the company.” She declined to comment on the charges against Wilson, but described internal morale as “resilient.”

Defense Distributed is in the middle of an extended legal battle over its digital distribution of blueprints for 3D-printable firearms. Multiple state prosecutors have moved to block the blueprints from being uploaded, and the case remains in active litigation.

Wilson, who also founded the alt-right crowdfunding platform Hatreon, was charged with sexually assaulting a minor earlier this month in Harris County court. Wilson allegedly met the victim on, and subsequently paid her $500 in exchange for sex. Wilson was in Taiwan when the charges became public, but he was subsequently arrested and deported to Austin to stand trial. He was released on bail on Monday.