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Exclusive Fortnite skin for new Xbox bundle makes you look like an Xbox

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Or a silver Master Chief, if you’re being more generous

Image: Epic Games

Microsoft is following Nintendo with its very own Fortnite console bundle that comes with a 1TB white Xbox One S, some free in-game currency, and a full-game download of Epic Games’ battle royale hit. (Of course, the game is free for everyone, but Microsoft is still touting the game download as a bundle perk.) The more rewarding aspects of the bundle, however, are the exclusive skin, pickaxe, and glider.

It’s called the Eon skin, and it comes with an Epic Aurora glider, and Rare Resonator pickaxe. Visually, it makes you look like a giant humanoid Xbox controller — or a silver Master Chief, if you’re being a bit more generous. The whole bundle goes for $299.99, so it’s a solid deal for a 1TB Xbox One S.

Since Samsung tied its Galaxy Note 9 launch to Fortnite’s Android availability, complete with a Note 9-exclusive skin, it seems more hardware makers want in on Epic’s in-game costume gold mine. Most of Fortnite’s more than $300 million monthly revenue comes from the purchase of in-game skins, which go from anywhere between $5 and $20, depending on how new they are and how Epic decides to value them internally. Exclusive skins are even more coveted than the rarest of the purchasable variety, so it makes sense why more companies are partnering with Fortnite here.