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In the first Dark Phoenix trailer, Jean Grey burns the world to the ground

In the first Dark Phoenix trailer, Jean Grey burns the world to the ground


‘They’re right to fear me.’

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The first trailer for Dark Phoenix, the next installment in the X-Men saga, aired last night during The Late Late Show with James Corden. Where previous iterations of Jean Grey’s story painted her as being overtaken and controlled by her formidable telekinetic powers, it’s looking like this new story will point out what has perhaps been obvious to many X-Men fans for years: Jean has some very legitimate reasons to be furious.

From the context clues here, it seems as though Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) telepathically suppressed a young Jean’s memory of killing her own parents by flipping the family car. “I had to keep her stable,” Xavier insists to Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). “I protected her.”

“From the truth?” Mystique responds. “There’s another word for that.”

Whatever the case, everyone else is pretty unanimous: whatever horrible things Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) is about to do as she transforms into Dark Phoenix over the course of the film, it’s pretty much all Xavier’s fault.

“She’s all rage, pain, and it’s all coming out of us,” says Magneto (Michael Fassbender) in one voiceover, as Jean flips a cop car, uses a military helicopter’s blades to chop up some soldiers, and otherwise gets down to the task of burning the world to the ground. Later, he chides Xavier for his all-too-late remorse for whatever he’s done to her with a brutal, extremely legitimate own: “You’re always sorry, Charles, and there’s always a speech, and nobody cares.”

Hopefully Jean gets to explain her own fury a little more at some point — beyond that clichéd “they’re right to fear me” line — especially as it seems to kill at least one character in the process. (Though let’s be real, it’ll never top the way she attempts to kill Wolverine in that scene in X3: The Last Stand.)

Dark Phoenix is out on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2019 — a fitting release date, if this is indeed an X-Men-shaped valentine to women and their extremely legitimate rage about having their bodies governed by men without their consent.