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The Super Mario fandom continues to be relentlessly horny

The Super Mario fandom continues to be relentlessly horny


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Image by Twitter user @nonomononano

Welcome to Fav’d For Later, a Friday roundup of our favorite memes, trends, and all-around good internet content. This week, the internet asks: is this your queen?

When did the Super Mario fandom get so horny? Has it always been this way? Did everyone lose their damn minds when we saw Mario’s nipples? I didn’t start this fire. I’m just here to fan its flames.

Earlier this month, Nintendo held a Direct presentation where learned that Toadette can transform into a Princess Peach-like character (aptly named Peachette) when she wears the Super Crown. Webcomic author Haniwa applied this logic to Bowser, and so Bowsette was born.

It’s hard to pinpoint why Bowsette is so popular — Is it the goth allure of a Peach-like queen? Have we all wanted to bang Bowser this whole time? — but loyal subjects continue to tweak her design through fan art. One modder created a playable version for Super Mario 64. The cosplay community has lovingly embraced her. And so has everyone else, apparently. Metro reports that YouPorn and Pornhub searches for Bowsette have risen exponentially from, you know, zero.

Long live the queen.


Gabriel Gundacker is here to save us with some wholesome content. Zendaya is Meechee, but Gundacker is the creator of a solid post-Vine Vine. FYI, the internet loves this video so much they are starting to re-create it.

I used to think moths were cute flying fuzz muffins. No more! They are palm-sized hellspawn! Apparently, when you capture them in a photo while they stare lovingly at a lamp, you get a cursed image... which everyone has turned into a meme.

Actually, I hate this meme. I hate it more than the thirsty hair muppet the Philadelphia Flyers are now claiming as a mascot.

In other news, Will Smith bungee-jumped out of a helicopter. Despite my Final Destination-esque predictions, he is okay!

See, watching Will do it is just like doing it yourself. We can all retire now. May your weekend be as magical as that of celebrated Twitter personality Brother Nature, who recently held a sloth for the first time.

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