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Google now makes it easier to keep track of your travel plans

Google now makes it easier to keep track of your travel plans


New features for planning your next vacation

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Google knows that people use its various search and software tools to plan trips, and that’s why it’s rolling out some new features to help users organize their travel plans better across several areas of the company’s services.

There are now relevant trip-related suggestions directly in Google search. So if you booked a trip to Austin and then do a Google search for that city, Google will pop up a new prompt with additional trip-related things like flights, things to do, restaurants, and more.

Next month, Google is updating its Your Trips feature so you can track flights and hotels you’ve booked as well as organize trips that are still in the planning progress all in one place.

Additionally, Google is adding a new hotel location score, which ranks the neighborhood a particular hotel is based in by factoring in things like proximity to bars, landmarks, or public transportation. Google is also adding details on getting to and from the nearest airport, which seems extremely useful for less familiar travelers.